Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph (Roger Federer) Racquet Review


Wilson adds another chapter to the legendary Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph – a racquet specially engineered for Roger Federer, the man who helped design it. Although it has the same target specs and outstanding playability as the original RF 97, Wilson and Federer have created an update for the ages. From its sleek black matte finish to the small silhouette of Federer and laser engraved graphics, the RF 97 is Wilson’s most scrupulously detailed frame. Even the racquet’s texture has been redesigned to match Federer’s preference – a nuance that makes for easier adjustments as the racquet is spun and repositioned in response to incoming heat. Like its predecessor, this update deploys Wilson’s timeless Pro Staff formula, including a braided graphite layup, headlight balance, thin beam and Perimeter Weighting System. Toss in a thin leather grip and the result is a truly classic feel. Unlike the iconic 6.0 85, this re-engineered Pro Staff has a slightly wider, more angular beam, giving it a decidedly more powerful delivery than most traditional player’s racquets. At 12.6 ounces strung, Federer’s Pro Staff gives you massive plow-through and tour level stability, allowing you to redirect heavy pace with impressive ease. Our playtest team noted a high level of precision on full cuts, with some genuine put-away power when the mass was fully deployed. Thanks to its headlight balance (9 points!), the RF 97 feels surprisingly fast for its 12 plus ounces – a feature that will give topspin players the kind of whippy and explosive acceleration that makes for big spin. On volleys, the RF 97 is not only unfazed by heavy pace, but it possesses enough feel to drop the ball on a dime. As one of the of the most finely crafted player’s racquets Wilson has built, this heavily anticipated follow- up to the original RF 97 is destined to become an instant classic.


Castagna F says:

This racquet is actually pretty basic. It needs ALOT of time to get used to if you are switching to this. Basically an old school-like model and the same prototype as the rest of the OLD kind of models. From the oldest pro staff versions, six-one, k-factor, and current, this is almost the same racquet all over the years, just with small modifications… A suitable racquet just for a few.

jerome abesamis says:

Hi TW, I originally played with a wilson pro staff six one 90 and really loved it, but decided to try a ligther ang bigger frame. I bought a head graphene radical pro since I was statisfied with the review you guys made with it but ended up having a love-hate relationship with it. It felt too light and balanced for me so I added at least 6 grams on the handle to make it head-light which made it more comfortable to me, I’ve tried different strings and tensions with it but I still don’t feel connected with it. I’m thinking of shifting to another racket. I like this new pro staff in the video but I’m afraid it might be too heavy so I’m also considering the wilson blade 98 16×19. What do you think about those two rackets given my history?

Thanks in advance

Joe Jon says:

Hey Andy. I was wondering if this racquet would be a good fit for me. I used to use the Wilson six one 95 18×20 (2013) and loved the plow through and 12.3 Oz as well as the headlight factor. I ended up switching to the yonex ezone dr 98 for more spin and forgiveness but after about a year now I just could never get dialed in. I’m about 50% sold on this racquet and also the regular ps97 because it seems to be a mix of both the ezone and 6.1 but am just wondering are there any others like the 6.1? And I’ve heard this version is slightly “easier” to use than the previous just wondering is it true because the previous one saves about $100. If you could answer that’d be nice. Thanks!

Patrick Naera says:

I have the 85, 90, 95 and now the 97 Autograph. I always used the 85, BUT I am sold on this beautiful racquet that looks so simple but sophisticated! Swear by it.#TennisAnyOne

Chawalit Viriyasermkul says:

Hi team, I just got this racket last week with Hyper G at 57 lbs and have been playing 3 times already. Ground stoke and valley are awesome to generate the power and control. However, I felt that this racket is a bit heavy for me (I used to play with Head speed mp) and end up with sore arm. Any suggestion on what is going wrong with this situation?? Do I need to reduce the string tension to solve the problem?

Rapid R. Repair says:

Love the PlaySight on the court!

penguin head says:

guys i know obviously different head size but in comparison with the old blx pro staff 90 what are the main differences? would this be as stiff as the 90?

Tommy Torence says:

Do this and the last model play any different?

TheLaminator says:

I feel like Wilson made the grip smaller. My original RF is bigger vs the Black RF and I even changed both leather grips

Xing W says:

what strings are they?

You En says:

Does this racquet have graphite inserts in the handle? Also does it have BLX technology?

Daniel Lee says:

Would it be a bad change to switch from the Blade 98 18×20 (2013) to this racquet? I know this racquet is heavier and the stringing pattern is different.

Alfando Savant says:

Why don’t you put the racquet’s twistweight on racquet review video or on the written one?

Teddy Handoko says:

I’m confused – what are the differences between this and the prior 2015 version (which I’m using currently)? I thought everything was the same, except for the color, but yet your reviewers (Troy in particular) seem to have a slightly different opinion on the racquet particularly on serve.

Xuan Bach Le says:

Hi Andy,
Can you answer for me what is the twistweight of the racquet? And what does a high-twistweight racquet give us and what does a low-twistweight racquet give us? How can we increase and decrease the twistweight? And how to add weight to a racquet that increase the minimize twistweight but still bring the swingweight up?

Simon Brown says:

Head speed mp anyone

Justin Lee says:

I play with pure aero and I’m debating buying this racquet what should I expect?

jh heuvel says:

I recently tested a Pro Staff 100 LIte BLX, and I loved the racket, but it was only 285grams. And it feels very light, too light for my taste. I am 19years old, I consider myself quite strong enough, but I was wondering if the ProStaf RF97 is considerable

Siddharth Saxena says:

Currently i’m playing with a yonex v core xi team but i want to shift to a heavier racquet (have tried a wilson and loved the feel and improved my shots also). my heart goes out to the pro staff rf97 autograph (being a RF fan) but i’m quite confused because of the weight of the racquet..kindly suggest..also i play single handed backhand..

Herzio says:

I promise you 70.000 views on this video are mine.

Rapid R. Repair says:

Great call on the strings! 2:10

Sor says:

Hey TW, I’m currently demoing this racquet and I absolutely love it. I’ve been wondering though, do you think using Babolat RPM blast, Wilson Champions Choice Hybrid or Solinco Hyper G would offer me more control ( I hit a more flat ball than with spin)? I haven’t really suffered from arm problems from any racquets, and I usually linger around the 55lb~ area for tension. Thanks!

Hmoobx68 says:

Hey Michelle I was wondering if I’m to customize my RF where should I add lead tape too n would like to know what you do for your.
p.s. big fan of u and Andy

Luis Diaz says:

Tennis Warehouse, can you make a review of the PRO STAFF 97LS TENNIS RACKET please Thank you

mut25database says:

Hi anyone at TW. I guess this is more of an overall tennis question. I really love tennis but feel that im not improving very fast. I have been playing since the fall and i still cant rally very consistently, and im wondering if tennis isnt for me. I watch you guys and you guys play great, and every day i feel like quitting. any advice?

Vortex Designs says:

Hi TW, do you have any suggestion of string that will work well with this racquet and colour doesnt overpower the racquet prefebly a blue black or silver string.

Rmdlover says:

Why is it so expensive?!

Kimsann Taing says:

Took me a month to get use to this racket

Anish Babu says:

hey Andy,
I’m a high school player. Would you recommend this racquet for me?

jeyq Queral says:

is it heavy for a 13 year old

Aloysius Chee says:

I am 13 years old. Do you think this racket is right for me?

Alfie Aying says:

hi, im 15 years old and about to get a new racquet and advancing to a more advance player, which one should i get? a BABOLAT PURE AERO or this RF97? thank you,

minseongkimmm says:

Michelle, since you said you made a switch to this racquet, what do you think the advantage is I can get when using a RF 97 with the swingweight of 325g(for example) compared to a Pro Staff 97 with the same swingweight, thinking that they have the exactly same official spec gross weight? I’ve been kinda wandering between the two.

Beeastman123 says:

Can someone explain to me exactly where the term ‘wheelhouse’ comes from? Is it someone who lives in their car?

EINAR says:


Sai Kumar G says:

This Racquet is released in August 2016…When will the New Pro Staff Release ?? @TennisWarehouse

Xuan Bach Le says:

Dear Michelle,

I know the PS RF 97 Autograph is your racquet of choice, so I want to ask you some questions. Does this racquet “feel” heavier than the standard PS 97? And how does this racquet compare to the Pure Aero Tour? Which one is better?

Thank you.

Deki D says:

Hi TW,Question for Chris or Troy…How you would compare this frame with Dunlop AG 200 Tour and Bio 200 Tour? Thanks

TJB says:

Can you guy’s review the 97ls? Differences in performance?

Nolan Carter says:

What 12 ounces is heavy, Im 14 and use a 16 ounce pro staff that’s over 16 years old. Given, I’m also 6’1 and 175 pounds.

Abhinav k says:

Andy, I’m currently using the Wilson K – Factor Six.One 95. Could you suggest some racquets which are very similar to this?

Sharan Narain says:

Hey Andy, Michelle

I’ve just got my 2 new RF 97 racquets. I’m confused regarding the weight as defined in the TW website.

The weight on the website shows:
unstrung 340g
strung 357g (does this weight include an overgrip)

1 of my new racquets weighs 341g unstrung. The weight after adding a Wilson comfort overgrip (5g) and RPM blast 17g is coming to 359g.

Shouldn’t it be 341g racquet + 5g (overgrip) + 17g (strings) = 363g??

I’m therefore confused whether your strung weight on the website is 17g for strings alone….or is that including a basic overgrip also (ie 12 string +5 overgrip)?

dodododa says:

Have they changed anything other than the paint?

squarebomb20 says:

Love the racquet but the paint job sucks. The “Soft” paint peels easily. Funny thing is, it actually looks better under that soft paint. Will Wilson warranty this paint defect?

Hyren Peterson says:

It took me some time to get used to the racquet, the swing weight felt intimidating, but when I switched to a smaller grip size it was perfect, I cannot touch another racquet now because of the substantial weight, plow through and power that I get. I bought one to try out and I was honestly disappointed because the feel felt foreign and too heavy, but I would say give it some time, now I have 4 of these and I am not turning back.

Jose Figuera says:

Hello, I wanted to know the difference bwtn this version of the RF97 and the 2014. Several comments state that the specs are the same (just as the TW website), some said the new one has a more HL balance, but my question comes because on the TW review page on the racquet universe TW university lab graph there is a considerable difference between sweet zone and power potential on both racquets. Any clarification would be appreciated. I know also wilson quality control is an issue could this explain the differences on the graph? thx in advance

Bryan Bayking says:

This is my current racket but I’m struggling from tennis elbow with this stick. Can you suggest a racket for me?

Mr XXL says:

Hi TW, how this compares to Babolat Pure Aero?

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