Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph 2018 Global Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph 2018 Global Tennis Racquet Review

Roger Federer’s racquet of choice gets playtested by our team around the World! From Australia to Germany & back all the way to California, our Global team reviews this solid racquet from Wilson.

With a tuxedo cosmetic, the RF97 2018 is purely a cosmetic update and offers advanced players amazing stability, feel and plow through from all areas of the court. See what our team thought of the GOAT’s racquet of choice!

➤RF 97 at TW: http://bit.ly/2Awok8l
➤RF 97 at TWE: http://bit.ly/2KhNd7d
➤RF 97 at TO: http://bit.ly/2NZ1vvQ

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Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph 2018 Global Tennis Racquet Review


All Blitzball and More says:

Can you guys do a string review on the rpm blast + VS Touch hybrid?

Srijan Sai says:

Honestly answer this Tennis Warehouse. Who do u think is your best play tester and send me the name of a video with him or her in it.

Black True says:

It’s Troy will try to switch rf97 again XD

Becker's Rs says:

Hey Michelle, I want to demo the racquet but really want solinco hyper G on it… Can it be arranged for one of your biggest fans? If there is a size 3 in stock can you put an hold on it for me ?

Luan Carvalho says:

I wonder, is this racket basically the same as the black one, with the same feel, except for the difference of the painting?

Pader Slader says:

Will TW be supplying Diadem rackets anytime soon? I’m eager to see some play tests with them.

Alex Bae says:

I just got this racket today! Can’t wait to try it out and demolish rivals!

Winston Gu says:

Is there a way to get a pro staff 95

Reid Gardner says:


Ian Ng says:

What is with all these baseliners reviewing a tiny racquet?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

That australian net was weird as heck!

athulya disha corner says:


ChowDownDetroit [Seoung Lee] says:

I think Michelle hits harder than any men playtesters.

Del Boca Vista says:

LOL at the aussie reviewers spin move

notofakejs says:

Good review to play test on the different surfaces. I have the previous all black version and still think cosmetically looks better than this version. May have considered it if it was all white; idk.

Becker's Rs says:

5:30 is where the real deal starts.

Joel Howell says:

Hey TW I enjoy this racket with Wilson’s champion choice string, but it is too expensive! Could you guys recommend any alternatives that are more economically friendly? Thanks!

Eduardo Huerta says:

Where’s Andy? He gives the best reviews.

Yash Sharma says:

Can u do a light edition preview too

Timothy Do says:


Riviers says:

Will they ever release that look on the normal pro staff 97? (The non countervail one)

Jonathan Chen says:

how come solinco hyper g is being used everywhere? is it living up to the hype?

gwloo says:

Interesting! Should do this international play test every now and then. Personally I didn’t like the “handing over to you..” part…. it reminded me of another rival company. Great video nonetheless!

ahmad says:

michelle, you look especially pretty on this review 🙂

Ronak Agarwal says:

Just came back to say that rf97 is amazing. I put zero effort and get amazing shots. Big improvement from ps90 blx

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