Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Racquet Review


The Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is no ordinary racquet. For starters it deploys crucial elements of Wilson’s timeless Pro Staff formula, including a graphite/Kevlar layup, headlight balance and Perimeter Weight System. Taken together these features add up to a truly classic feel with world class precision. Even more impressive, however, is the man who helped design it. His name is Roger Federer and the RF97 was specially engineered for him. You will even find Roger’s “go to” hybrid, tension and overgrip listed on the inside of the shaft. Unlike the Original 6.0 used by the young Fed, this re-invented Pro Staff has a wider, more rounded beam to better suit the power of the modern game. At 12.6 ounces strung, it should come as no surprise that this stick does not get pushed around. With its tour level stability and huge plow-through, the RF97 is the perfect weapon for trading heavy balls. Our playtesters were not only impressed by the phenomenal control, they also found plenty of power when they were able to deploy the mass. Thanks to the headlight balance, this racquet whips nicely through contact on full swings, a fact that should allow strong players to crank up the head speed when driving the ball through the court. At net the RF97 feels as solid as a rock. Even when the player is stretched out, this stick redirects pace with surprising ease. On serves, Federer’s Pro Staff delivers all the control needed to tease the lines. Those who can swing it fast will be rewarded with some very weak replies. Ultimately, as the most modern and evolved version of Wilson’s iconic Pro Staff line, this is a must hit for serious players. The fact that it was designed with the help of a true legend makes it a genuine collectible.


Lol Bro says:

I like Mark’s explaination and his basic way of talking

Carson Bird says:

how dose the rf 97 compare to the prince responce 97

Daniel B says:

Was Troy experimenting with a one hander here?

Terry Curve says:

RF97 or Babolat pure control 95+? Which is better for an aggressive all around player?

Gold Butter says:

I love all these guys and the quality of the video. But Mark’s backhand has a big problem with that thumb. He can really get serious injury

irish rohra says:

what tension would be best for rf97 autograph for high spin and good control

king wwe says:

big fan of federer he is te best

Matias Avila says:

hi TW, i´m swiching to this raquet but i was thinking to change de string to a hybrid set with babolat xcel in the mains and kirschbaum max power in the crosses, but i´m scared about how much durable it will be, what do you think? i´m currently using max power at 55 lb

Hmoobx68 says:

Hey TW would kirchbaum max power rough 17g be good in this wilson pro staff rf97

esteban francisco izeta says:

Hi. Can you please compare this rf97 with the dunlop biomimetic 200. For you what’s the best choice for an aggresive flat game. And if you have other recomendations for that kind of game. Thanks

Yongjie Weng says:

Hey TW what string would you recommend for this racquet

sachin nichani says:

Hi Andy. I am looking for an all court tennis racquet with a dash of extra controllable power and spin.. I have shortlisted the RF97, Extreme Pro and Pure Drive Tour. Which would be your favorite in the list. I currently use a Six One 100 Pro Staff. PS: i play with an eastern forehand and single handed backhand on clay courts

zeromus2009 says:

How does this racquet compare to the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX in terms of maneuverability ?

Ankeeth Maganlal says:

I’ve been playing with the Babolat Aeropro Drive for a few years, but lately I’ve started to get some forearm and elbow pain. Would this racquet be easier on my elbow?

Olivier M. says:

I have a Prince O3 with the head at 118, a string pattern of 16×19, strung at 55lbs with Luxilon alu power, which is perfect for me. I just bought this Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, it has the same sting pattern of 16×19.
Will the tension of 55lbs works perfect like the other one or should I drop the tension a little to make up for the head size of 97?
Thank you.

MP says:

I just had an interesting experience with the RF97. My local tennis shop had two demos, so I put them on the Prince Precision Tuning Center. They both had identical strings and identical grips. The first one had a swingweight of 328 and a static weight of 359g. The other had a swingweight of 339 and a static weight of 361. So even though there was only a 2 gram difference in weight, the swingweight differed by 11 points! Craziness!

RAWR says:

Hey TW,
I currently use a wilson pro staff blx 95 and a babolat pure drive 2013
Using synthetic gut around 54 on the blx and rpm blast at 55
Thinking about upgrading but don’t know which racquet to switch to. Any help? Would this be a good racquet to try?
(My game is majorly based on serving and ground strokes angling for quick points with placement or straight power, I come in for volleys on occasion but not very comfortable at net)
Another question I have is I’m thinking about using a hybrid setup for my blx
What do you think I should try? Synthetic gut/alu power or synthetic gut/4g? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

conall murphy says:

which is a better bet, this racquet or the new version? the price is very different but i love the new one

StrikeShot says:

Why are they saying betterer ????

twn5858 says:

I hated this racquet.  It was too damn heavy!

zeromus2009 says:

Thanks for you quick reply Andy !I’ve heard that you can get a lower SW at your ordered racquet , by matchmaking , is that correct ?

Dirt2Diamonds says:

Hi Andy, Sorry to bother you again, but I was just wondering how a full bed of Luxilon ALU Power Rough would work in it (RF97)? Thanks!Patrick

David Nuh Omar says:

a tennis court in a warehouse ? brilliant.. very reasonable review of the racquet.. thank you

thereal Bubba says:

I here a lot of people say this racket is heavy but when I was holding it it felt the same weight as the regular one. Is it heavier or not?

명랑 says:

I’m twelve and stronger than most kids my age could I use this racquet with not much difficulty?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey Andy please tell me 51 to 61 pounds string tension in lbs

Neil Chatterji says:

@Tennis Warehouse between this one, the 97 and the LS, which one would you recommend?? I currently use the six one 90.

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