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It took over 2 Years and 100+ iterations of the basic Wilson Pro Staff design to come up with Roger Federer’s new tennis racket. In this video I will be doing a review on that racket and its specs. We will talk about the weight, swingweight, balance point, and all the other specs, along with my own personal opinion on this racket.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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Nikola Ostojic says:

Great review! Very informative.


I think I will be moving from the Pro Staff 90 to the plain Pro Staff 97. The heavy weight seems to be hurting my racket acceleration on my serves.

Pedro Pena-Gama says:

Hi Clay! I am writing you from Germany. I have just discovered your videos yesterday and I must congratulate you. I play a lot of tennis, I love this sport. I have looked into several youtube channels and I have not found yet any so informative and “scientific” as yours. This makes your videos different to others. Keep it this way! Your information is very valuable!
By the way, I have just bought the Wilson RF97 Autograph. Now I am investigating the wide range of strings in the market. This is even more difficult than to choose racket…for me, at least.
Best regards from Heidelberg (Germany).

Gerop says:

This racket is actually very easy on the arm. It might have a high stiffness rating, but the graphite kevlar layup combined with the heavy weight (especially in the handle) and large sweetspot make it amazing for absorbing shock. This is actually the most arm friendly racket that wilson makes. Nothing compares, not even the steam 105s. It’s definitely a lot better than the burns, which are the true elbow killers.

GSUS HC says:

Huh…..16×19 isn’t a tight string pattern and 97″ head isn’t tiny, it’s just that the world has gone mad lately trying to imitate the pros and everybody’s been sold on massive 100″ rackets and huge amounts of topspin which is ludicrous in itself!
What’s next, a racket that doubles as a cloaking device to disguise you’re shot direction??

97″ is not tiny by anyone’s standards!

Google Reviewer says:

335 swing weight isn’t light…..pretty fair comments apart from that though.

Radu Hasegan says:

I am really glad you started doing reviews because I always feared that the other reviewers working for equipment stores are biased with their opinions.

sachin nichani says:

Hi there. I am a intermediate player with a eastern forehand and a single handed backhand. I have studied your videos on how to select a racquet very closely. Your videos have been of valuable help. I am looking for a 100 sq. inch racquet with about a 330g swing weight. I have shortlisted the Wilson RF97, Yonex V Core 330, Head Extreme Pro, and the Babolat Pure Drive Tour. I am sort of confused as to why the RF97 is considered more of a control racquet in comparison to say the Babolat Pure Drive, considering that the RF97 is much heavier and has only a marginal difference in head size. Thanks in advance and look forward to your response

Arvind Mohapatra says:

Can you please review Wilson Pro Staff 97LS Black?

Miko says:

Hi Clay, I’m having a lot of trouble with putting spin and pace into my 2 handed backhand shot. Is there a particular drill that can help with this? If so, can you please make a video about it. Thanks!!

roberto carluccio says:

if you are really strong men and you have poids over 80 kg with this racket the world is at hour foot, if you aren’this leave to stay ….

Melwin Mark says:

can u make a review of pro staff 97

Steven says:

what more open string pattern are you gong to find in this style of racquet? bit of a stupid comment, sorry?

DK Ang says:

It is also true that the narrower beam frame that you mention facilitates approaching the ball with the racket on edge, by giving just that much more clearance when contact is going to be nearer to the frame.
I think people need to understand that when these rackets wind up being rated or recommended for higher level players, that means players whose technique has progressed to the level of their large muscle groups and momentum doing the work on their stroke production, or those actively learning those techniques.

Truth never lies Brown says:

Hey clay really enjoying your work love watching the video’s most importantly they have helped me a lot the tennis elbow video was great it has brought me back into action after paying tennis in the uk and around Europe at a pro level when the game was a lot different I got away with really just having a flat service after the balls was changed in the early 2000’s I found my flat serve wouldn’t not really be effective and never really improved my serve to the modern game it would be fantastic if you did a video on a modern serve with a service plan for winning and holding the serve .keep up the good work !

Isaac Kim says:

Is this racket recommended for intermediate players?

Justin Case says:

Love this racquet! I have demo’d it several times.  Great for a one-hander and quite a pop on the serve. Once it comes down in price next year, I will switch to it from my ProStaff 90.

KL Tah says:

I’m thinking of moving to the 315g Pro Staff 97 from the 285g Speed S. I currently have 14g of tape in the head and a similar amount of blu-tack in the handle. I feel like I could probably do with a little more weight but I’ve been quite diffident of going to a Pro Staff in the past because they’ve proved rather unwieldy for me. My very first racket was the Sampras Pro Staff only because I didn’t know any better and that basically put me off Wilson for good. I hear the current gen Pro Staffs are more accessible is that correct? Would you recommend this upgrade? Or would I be better off going for something like the eZone Ai 98?

ProjectDo says:

Hey Clay I don’t know if you have answered this question recently, but what racquet do you currently use for your matches. Also have you customized it, say increased weight or anything like that. Also thanks for your latest Federer video, straightining my arm at contact point really did the work for me, I use this racquet, and having used babolat and Head before, I just feel this one feels right, it takes more effort to swing but when I hit the ball properly it really pays off because of the smoothness it offers.

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