Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Racquet Review

The second generation of the Ultra 100 is loaded with power, spin and precision. With a static weight of 11.2 ounces, the Ultra 100 is perfectly suited for the intermediate player looking for an easy swinging weapon. It should also work for the advanced player who wants a light, explosive option. Comfort is improved thanks to the addition of Countervail, a material technology that lightens the load on your tendons and muscles. This model also comes with Wilson’s Uncontaminated Design, which means it has the same bold simplicity and velvety paint finish found in the Pro Staff and Blade lines. To help with stability and control, the Ultra 100 features a structural reinforcement in the shaft (called Power Rib). This technology also features Crush Zone grommets in the throat, which compress at impact for added dwell time, comfort and power. From the backcourt, the Ultra 100 Countervail is dangerous in the hands of a power baseliner. The explosive acceleration coupled with the open string pattern and firm beam give this racquet some genuine knock-out power. Compared to the previous version, this update feels more dampened and comfortable, which is surprising given its high stiffness rating. At net, the Ultra 100 Countervail is a point and shoot weapon. It offers impressive stability for its weight, along with plenty of pop for keeping volleys deep. Finally, aggressive players looking to serve with big power and spin should love this stick. With added comfort and livelier feel, the Ultra 100 Countervail should attract a wide cross section of intermediate and advanced players.


yash agrawal says:

hello tw it was my brothers birthday today and he was over the moon when u posted the wilson ultra videos he is very happy thank u

Ian Dillman says:

You guys are doing amazing sweeties!

max maser says:

Would u say this is the most similar racket out of the bunch compared to the ultra 97

Jay Nainani says:

@tennisWarehouse, is this stiffer than burn? Jason was telling all about burn’s stiff feel in it’s review, He didn’t say anything about it or Tiff for that matter. Is it so dampened? That stiffness has been tamed? And secondly does Wilson plan on releasing Ultra 100 CV in 335 grams version or 100 Tour CV version?

SM Allan says:

Hi – the specs and playtester comments are very similar to the Burn 100 CV. What are the real world differences in your experience?

Sinisa Ninkovic says:

what does it mean “Stroke Style” in specifications, and what is difference between “full” and “medium-full”?

Thomas Gavris says:

What does it take to become a TW playtester?

Jay MacDonnell says:

Brittany looking sexy as always.

Vele Korunoski says:

Can I just ask something not got to do with the Wilson Ultra Racquet, what exact overgrip does Novak Djokovic use for his racquet? I’ve been getting info that he uses Wilson Pro Comfort.

Fuse Clash says:

How does this racquect compares to the burn 95 cv

ThePaul Steezo says:

Bryan Bros New Stick!!!!!

G ZC says:

Wonder how this 3 racket compare. Between Pure strike 100, Ultra 100 CV, and Dr100. Personally prefer a more forgiving and more powerful racket. Currently using a APD 2013.

Harshad Mali says:

TW, does Wilson have any plans to release a 16×15 in this new Ultra line?

Jude Dixon Tennis says:

could you please compare the rf97ls with the wilson blade 98l. Im 14 btw

Marc says:

I’ll definitely be pre-ordering tomorrow, but not sure what strings to use as a 15 year old, intermediate player. I typically play a flatter game (need more spin), and like to hit with a lot of power. Do I need a hybrid combo, or would one string throughout be suitable? Thanks.

potatorampage says:

Must be a sweet racquet. Tiffani seems lost for words! Lol jk. Btw I just got the cage 3’s and like the similar fit to my barricades, but does anyone else have a problem with the ankle support being slightly annoying?

Abul waliuzzaman says:

Hey Tennis Warehouse
I am currently using a Stream 96 and I have used it for a year and a half
I have been looking for a heavier racquet that can provide me control more
I have been looking into the Babolat Pure Aero Tour
Would that be a good choice for a power player looking for control

Foxtrot Oscar says:

74RA is nuts. Good, helpful review comments from the playtesters though.

Alex Vinh-An says:

Hi, I’m looking for a multifilament in my Yonex DR 98 Lite with good durability, comfort and control. Can you also recommend a tension? Thanks

Nav Arya says:

This looks so cool. I use the blade 98s. How does this racket compare? Thank you

EricLiuHGS says:

Hi, I’m a competitive junior player who uses the yonex dr 100 and I’m looking to make my racket heavier with lead tape. I like to play aggressively from the baseline. I’m looking for help on where to put the lead tape.


Keven Zhang says:

How does this compare to the Burn 100 CV?

Fourat WADI says:

Hi TWE, I don’t think that this update is better than last year’s version it has less technology (no Cushion Foam) and the stiffness of the frame is very very high. Then with Wilson there is always an update every single year…won’t buy it .. I’m waiting for V3 or V4.

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