Wilson Ultra Tour Racquet Review

With the Ultra Tour, Wilson blends modern speed with a classic feel and truly outstanding control. Boasting a dense 18×20 string pattern along with a thin 21mm beam and flexible construction, this stick will give you the feedback and precision of a traditional player’s racquet. But there’s a catch. At only 11.4 ounces strung, it swings faster than a traditional player’s racquet, making it one of the more user-friendly options in its class. On groundstrokes, the Ultra Tour is best suited to those who make their own power. It not only offers pin-point directional control, but it feels quite plush and forgiving for a racquet with a dense pattern. Spin isn’t a strong suit, which means you have to concentrate harder on mechanics when going for a higher trajectory. In addition to its outstanding control, the Ultra Tour’s easy handling will bail you out when scrambling or attempting to flick the ball deep from a dead sprint. Although this racquet has decent stability in stock form, this is an outstanding platform racquet for the advanced player looking to create the perfect weapon. At net the Ultra Tour’s quick handling will help you pounce on floaters, and there’s plenty of touch for crafting tight angles or maliciously short droppers. On serves this stick is great for hitting flat bombs. All in all, Wilson has produced an extremely impressive player’s racquet. In addition to being great for the big hitter who wants to keep more balls in play, this racquet’s easy acceleration and outstanding feel make it one of the more accessible control racquets on the market.


gp jk says:

For someone who is looking to move on from the flexpoint/microgel prestige mid to a larger frame, would you say that this might be appropriate to look into? It seems like they were saying the feel (which I love) might be pretty close, with a similar flex—though a bit lighter swing weight. Any other modern racquets similar to those prestiges in the midplus range?

cubia1 says:

finally a wilson h19 normal stock for every player

Ronak Agarwal says:

Blade 98 leaded to 360g or Prostaff 97 RF?

Rok Kokalj says:

Why no 16×19 string pattern

Anton Vilinskiy says:

Ha! Michelle clocked only 560rpm on FH with this racket VS 1100rm on RF…but about same accuracy and speed.

pulse 'n' think says:

It would be interesting a comparison with Dunlop Mimetic 300 Tour, similar racquets

ThePaul Steezo says:

Bryan Bros New Stick!!!!

Sarah Marshall says:

Why does Mark Boon always say that every racquet is great, amazing, incredible etc?? He just loses all credibility as a reviewer if he can’t critique a racquet properly identifying pros and cons.

Rqe says:

Is this Ultra tour racket flexible as Prince Phantom 100? Ultra tour is introduced as classic feel racket and I am wondering how flexible they are.

Amariths1 says:

Chris mention that you can make this feel like the Prestige MP. How would you spec this to make it that way?

Alex Vinh-An says:

Hey TW, I am a 13 year old intermediate player and I am mainly an agressive baseliner . I was wondering which racquet I should choose between a Yonex DR 100 Lite, 98 Lite and a Babolat PD Lite. I currently have a Babolat Aeropro Lite but I don’t find it maneuverable at net and it hurts my shoulder while I serve. It also does not have enough control on my groundstrokes and it has a little too much topspin for my game

Yu Cheng says:

what’s wrong with the first 30 seconds of the video? The racquet looks purple??

none says:

an ultra 96 version with 18 x 19 with this flex rating and 350gsm strung would be ideal
atm Dunlop makes this frame as well but stiffer rating and just as light.
people need to play with heavier racquets to find their true ability and let the racquet do some of the work than tween their way with halve strokes.

James Meadows says:

None of the testers are even decent players apart from the tall girl, no offence. I wouldn’t base what I was buying next on one of these reviews, no way!

saigonbond says:

Seems pretty Blade-like…
Ultra Tour: 11.4 oz, 6 pts HL, 324 SW, 63 flex… Blade 98 CV: 11.3 oz, 3 pts HL, 328 SW, 65 flex

Olivier M. says:

Hi TW,
How would you compare this Wilson Ultra Tour with the Yonex DR 98 please?

Samuel Viktorsson says:

How does this racquet compare to the old ultra 97??

Christian Flores says:

What’s on Chris’s arm? Is it some kind of sensor? Really curious

siddharth b says:

Should I go for Pure strike 16-19 or wilson burn100S countervail.?
I am looking for extra spin and power.
Should I consider Yonex ezone dr 100 plus as well? I am very confused…TW your advise will be very helpful…..

Jason Werner says:

Curious if Andy has play tested this racket and what he thought. My game and racket taste are similar to his.

Alex Tutos says:

Can somebody please answer. How is this racquet compared to the blade thanks

Jared Burrow says:

@tenniswarehouse so what would be a good string setup for this racket? Because I have heard some ppl who have tried it say use a hybrid or full multi because it is too stiff for a full poly setup?

Fired88 says:

how would you compare this to the head speed xt pro? I’m afraid I might lose a lot of power. Also does it have less spin potential compared to the head speed xt?

B And says:

What’s different between this and the blade 18×20?

gorvgo says:

Where and how much lead tape did Michelle and Troy apply?

Kartik Jay says:

What’s the watch that Chris Edwards is wearing on his left wrist? — just curious.
Also, what is the launch date for this Ultra Tour racquet? Here in Aus, am hearing that it’ll only be towards the end of this year. Would love to hear from tennisonly.com.au on this…

R. Hassy says:

A white shirt big man is better than other test players.

Peter John Perpetua says:

Prince textreme tour 95 or This wilson ultra tour? Which is better

Ninja T says:

Second comment

max maser says:

Would you say this racket is most comparable to the Ultra 97 or the New Ultra 100 CV. I am currently using this racket and I don’t want to sacrifice the control of the racket. Thank you.

Bill Plavsic says:

I just demo-d this racket and it feels great. Pin point serves and great touch. Can someone please advise of a good spin string to help with the tight 18×20 string pattern. I used 17 gauge rpm and it was ok. I play a lot of doubles and would like to keep some of the spin I had in more open patterns. I understand that control is a trade off for spin. I have tour bite 1.15 in my older blade 98 and it’s ok. Is there anything better? Thank you.

Super Star says:

The way Troy uses his forhand really disguise the direction where he will hit the ball

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