Yonex EZONE DR 98 Plus Racquet Review


With the EZONE DR 98+, Yonex gives intermediate and advanced ball strikers an extended length racquet with controllable power, easy spin and great feel. Thanks to its extended 27.5″ length, you’ll be able to address the ball with extra momentum (see bigger pace and spin). This racquet is made with Nanometric DR, a resilient carbon designed to help the frame transfer greater energy to the ball. It also comes with an Isometric head shape, which makes the hitting area feel roomier than a conventional 98 square inch frame. Yonex fans will recognize the Oval Pressed Shaft, a feature that helps the racquet flex more at impact. From the baseline the EZONE DR 98+ not only drives the ball effectively through the court, but it delivers a wonderfully controlled and flexible feel. Full swings find their mark with mindless ease, and spin comes easy. Although this stick is not as light and whippy as the standard length version, the DR 98+ feels surprinsgly fast for an extended length racquet with a 335 swingweight. At net the DR 98+ holds up well against heavy pace, and it only takes a short punch to keep the ball deep. While the extended length makes it a tad harder to defend against body shots, you’ll be able to hit some blistering overheads with this racquet. The extended length also comes in handy on serve where you’ll find easier net clearance and big power. Players looking for an extended length racquet with great feel and easy targeting should add this to their demo list.


Will Chu says:

At what tension would you string using Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable to bring out the most spin and controlled power out of this beast of a racquet?

Devin Blackburn says:

Hello TW, when comparing this racket to my current racket of choice (Babolat Pure Tour), what would be the main difference in attributes that I could expect from this? I used to play with the Ezone Ai 98 as well with some added weight in the hoop, so would it play similar to that? Thank you guys for being awesome! 🙂

Ian Grizzle1 says:

Hi Andy, I see that this racket is available on the TW website and not on TW Europe. Do you know when it will be available for purchase in Europe?
Thanks, Ian England UK.

Senator Seth says:

Andy, how much more weight did you add to this racket? how much head light balance? swing weight?

GT3RaceDoc says:

Hi Guys – where can I get this racket in germany ? TennisWarehouse Europe doesn’t offer it .

Hmoobx68 says:

hey I’m thinking of switching to this racquet from Wilson pro staff RF 97 autograph so u guys think it a good idea cuz I just a two handed and I want something that will benefit my two handed n what do u guys think of this racquet strung up with Volkl Cyclone 16g at 50

Paper GO Boom says:

what would be better the Dr 98 or the dual g97 310

Senator Seth says:

Andy, I am currently wearing the Resolution 7 and have so since the 3. Looking at the Nike Zoom Cage 3 HC and wanted to know if it has good cushioning and does it run true to size? I have a medium width feet and medium high arch. Please help.

matistysk79 says:

I currently play with Babolat pure Strike 16×19 (2014 modell) and tried out this racquet after this great review from TW.
But I must say what a bad stick it was to hit with.
No feel at all and no spin, very unmanuverable. This was my first and last YONEX i tested. I stay with Babolat and buy the new Pure Strike instead.

kevin yang says:

how does this compare to the Pure Control Tour Plus? can you hit short angles as easily as the standard length?

Alfando Savant says:

Michelle is such a drive volley specialist

Terry Curve says:

I love the DR 98 but unfortunately I do not have the luxury to demo the 98+. Would it be to crazy to get the 98+ without demoing it? Let me know your thoughts.

Vortex Designs says:

Hi TW, When will the Yonex EZONE DR 98 Plus become available for purchase at Tennis Only

Mark Richards says:

Anyone know if they make a non blue extended version?

Dalmo Mendes says:

Are the DR 98 Blue the same thing as the DR 98+? I can’t find the 98+, only the 98 Blue.

TheXkofix says:

Hi. I am playing 2 years with DR98. Now I want to buy DR98+ but my coach recommend me to buy DR100. He think that DR100 stanard lenght is better option for intermidiate player. I will definitely stay with DR family but now I am in doubt. DR98+ or DR100 or DR100+.
Which of this 3 stick is easyer to use? Pros and cons?

John Lau says:

looking forward to its arrival in the UK, the standard length version is my current racket of choice, added a tiny bit of lead tape at the 3,9 o’clock to increase the swing weight. The extra length may get the job done without any modification!

Richard Moss says:

Great play test vids. At the end of the video you mentioned that you had it’s wrong with volkl cyclone and 50 pounds. Was at 16 gauge or 17 gauge?

Bill Plavsic says:

great reviews. I actually went out and bought this racket after watching the he reviews. I was playing a standard DR 98. I tried tour bite and luxilon element. one felt too dead with a small sweet spot element felt too mushy in the racket both at 48 pounds. any suggestions of strings to provide a crisp response with good spin and control? maybe cyclone at 50 lbs?

aglom69 says:

Hi Andy. I noticed that you go with 12.3 Oz and 10pt HL. Would you mind sharing where you add the weight? I ordered my dr 98 + Friday. I run a similar setup at 12.2 Oz and would love to hear your setup. Thank you.

ahmad maher says:

Hi michelle, how is this racket compared to graphene radical pro ? and is it heftier and more stable than the standard length version ?

John D'oh says:

Is this raccquet US only? TW Europe doesn’t seem to have them.

S P says:

When will the racket be available in europe?

Justin Giannone says:

Hey TW crew – I’ve been playing well with a weighted up pure aero but having terrible wrist pain on forehands. Different string didn’t help and really don’t want to change my stroke so tried the DR 98 and loved it and experienced no pain. After seeing this review I feel maybe I shouldn’t pull the trigger without trying the Plus. Will the plus give me the same comfort, and is it worth it to try to transition to longer racquet, or should I just grab the standard?

zeromus2009 says:

Is there any practical difference between playing with the yonex vibration dampener (3.9g) compared to playing without dampener ? I guess there’s an increase in swingweight and therefore maneuverability . What are your thoughts on that ?

Aidan Monk says:

Great review as always guys. I add weight to my standard length but with this added length will I even need to add any weight? 
P.sWhen will the plus lengths be available in the U.K.??

Κυριάκος Πεΐδης says:

Hello Andy. I’ve always played with Prokennex Ionic Ki5 315 and i decided that it is time to buy a new racquet. I am a 3.5-4.0 level player. I was trying to choose between Pure Aero, Pure Strike ProjectOne7 and Ezone Dr 98. The time i was ready to go for Ezone Dr 98, i saw this review about Ezone Dr 98+. Do you think that this is an overall better racquet? How long do you think it may take to adjust to the increased length of 98+ and how easy it is?

Nope brbra says:

Hi , I am thinking about switching my old racket Wilson Burn 100s countervail to this racket because the old one is just too much power , and I could not control my shot regarding the string patterns . Do you think this is a good choice to change into this racket? I am a professional player turning to be pro this year. I am mostly play in the future tournament . Do you think that is it ok to use this racket on tour?

Robert Thi says:

What grip does this racquet come with? Is it the yonex super grap?

kbm80 says:

where can I find the written review for this?

Prateek Puvala says:

Hi TW, how does this racket compare to the RF97 in terms of maneuverability, spin, power and stability? Thanks!

kitty suet says:

I saw Troy’s (Chinese) twin brother at the courts, last night… lolz.
Love your videos, tw !!

Goran Rakic says:

Hi guys

I’m planning to buy either Ezone DR 98 + or babolat Pure AERO +. Can you please tell me your advice of which one to chose and what are main differences? Thank You very much

Paper GO Boom says:

would this racquet give me spin?

Bora Sener says:

Cant get this in Europe, argghhhh

Grant Williams says:

Are you guys doing a DR 100 plus review?

RK6 says:

Hi Tw, I currently use a wilson six.one 95s and I was looking at upgrading to this racquet. I noticed the swingweight is a lot higher on this one despite them having similar static weights. Is this racquet actually much more difficult to swing in comparison to the 95s? Also would I be sacrificing a lot of spin potential by making this switch?

alienspy77 says:

These guys (and gals) are really good, what level are they?

K McKenzie says:

how’s the written review going?

Laurens van keirsbilck says:

Hi, when will this racket be available in Europe?

deadman walking says:

I play with an old Prince International (1980s), 107 sq in, 12.5 ounces, 6 pt headlight, very good racquet. But looking to switch to a modern racquet. What racquets do you think play most similar to this?

Γλενν Δαλε Διασεν says:

One of the best racquets i’ve tested. Am definitely switching to this!!! Andy how did this feel weighted up? I did not have enough time to try with customize weight. The stock weight feels so stable already which is comparable with the stability of my weighted up dr 98.

kbm80 says:

what am i going to miss out on if I go for the Dr 98 plus over the RF 97 autograph pro and the yonex vcore dual g 97 (330) ?

Senator Seth says:

Andy- I am a long time Asics Resolution guy but I would like to explore a more cushioned shoe, medium width, medium-high arch, and solid lateral support. Suggestions?

Joseph Augustine says:

Can you compare this to dual core 97 330

bluewaterhorizon says:

Hi, another great review thanks! I am an intermediate player using Volkl Super G1 pro. I had switched to it from Pure Drive (2015). I was happy with the switch; Volkl felt more stable, heftier and more powerful, I could serve bigger. My style is serve bigger (compared to same level players) and approach to the net as much as possible. Now I want to switch to another racket to improve my serve speed, and gain better consistency on volleys. I have been considering RF97 Autograph, DR98+, DR100+, Pure Drive +, Pure Aero +. I don’t have a chance to test them as I live another country and there is no possibility to rent a tester. So I will order straight. Which racket would you recommend?

afshiro8 says:

Does Chris really hit faster than Troy, or are Chris’s overheads being included in the PlaySight stats?

Eric Yoo says:

For Volkl Cyclone, is there a difference in the strings depending on the color? For example, ALU Power Gray is more livelier than ALU Power Ice. Is there anything like that happening in Cyclone or is it all cosmetic?

Κυριάκος Πεΐδης says:

Finally i have decided to go for the DR98+! Can European residents order from TW US?

Nur Sandra says:

How does making the racquet longer make it more powerful and spin friendly. Makes no sense.

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