Yonex EZONE DR 98 Racquet Review


The EZONE DR 98 updates the EZONE Ai 98. Like its predecessor, this stick is perfect for intermediate and advanced players who want a user-friendly player’s racquet with controllable power and great feel. New to this update is Nanometric DR, a highly resilient carbon designed to help the frame snap back and transfer more energy to the ball. At 11.5 ounces, the EZONE DR 98 feels speedy, yet it also manages to play with above average stability for a sub 12 ounce racquet. Thanks in part to its Isometric head shape, this racquet feels decidedly more forgiving on off-center hits than the majority of its peers. It also comes with strategically enlarged grommet holes, a feature that further reduces the shock and vibration of off-center impact. On groundies the EZONE DR 98 feels comfortably firm and very accurate. There’s also plenty of spin to be had thanks to the grippy 16×19 string pattern and easy acceleration. Our playtesters were particularly impressed by the stability against higher levels of pace. At net the combination of speed, stability and precision is a recipe for confident volleying. There’s also plenty of power to be had on servers for those able to maximize stroke speed. Yonex has made some impressive updates to one of their most user-friendly player’s racquets. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a near perfect combination of speed, stability, spin and precision should add this to their demo list.


Olivier M. says:

Is there any difference between the newer Blue color and the Yellow, or it is just cosmetic?
Thanks TW.

TJB says:

I demoed the Yonex ezone 100+ and I didn’t like it. I’m not sure if it was because the extended length or what. Is there much difference in these two racquets?

Yuya Suzuki says:

Hi Andy,
Thank you for your review. I was wondering if you do any modification to your racquet (lead tape) ? If so any recommendation how to on this DR98? Thank you.

David Cubez says:

what string was used?

Brandon Han says:

What strings do you recommend with this raquet?

Humpday391 says:

When is the extended version coming out? Saw it in Tennis Mag.

John Domondon says:

Hey Andy!
is this your preferred racket?

grinnerschic says:

Love this review, just brought one. Now have to wait for it in the letterbox!

Vortex Designs says:

Hi Andy what polyester string should i use in my yonex ezone dr 98 blue, i am considering tecnifibre pro red code 16 or yonex poly tour pro 1.25. What do you think i should use or do you have any in mind?

Matías Esquenet says:

Hi TW, I played with a weighted up prestige (345 unstrung) for several years, till I felt it was too unforgiving and changed to the Ezone 98. I felt it very flimbsy and I added the weight to get it up to 345g as my prestige, but still feels unstable, despite been great in other aspects. Do you think the DR would suit me better? Cause even at 345g unstrung which is heavy, I noticed the Ai 98 unstable

Big Sean747 says:

Hey Tennis Warehouse I’m offensive baseliner with conservative grips on both wings would the Yonex Ezone DR 98 with Solinco Hyper-G 16 string strung up around 50-55 lbs work well with my style of play?

stallieboy says:

Please show my comment to Granville, if possible. Without going into a big story, I seem to like the same racquets that you do (substantial players’ frames). However, based solely on the review, I purchased two of these racquets without first hitting with them. Even though I have subsequently added weight to the throat and handle, where the static weight is now 12.5 ounces, it still plays odd. The sensation I get when hitting with this racquet is that the head flexes and returns the ball like a catapult. Is there any way to make this racquet play more like a traditional players’ frame?

Vortex Designs says:

Hi Andy i am a semi western baseliner having serve and backhand as my weapon. I want to purchase a new racquet but i can’t demo it out. Should i go with the yonex vcore sv 98 with yonex poly tour spin 16l at 51lbs or the yonex ezone dr 98 with yonex poly tour pro at 53lbs. Which setup would you prefer?

Romano De Bianchi says:

what’s the difference between this racket and the new wilson blade 16×19

carlitos220 says:

Hi, Tennis Wearhouse I love your videos and Reviews. I took the plunge and just bought this racket today on sale. I was really happy with my purchase but when I got home I realized that they make 2 different weight versions of this racket. One being the standard weight G version 310 Grams and a LG version 285 Grams. The racket I got was the LG version. Do you think I should return it or should I keep it?? will a lighter version hinder my experience. Thank you for your time and for your passion in Tennis

Johan Melander says:

How would you compare this to the Prince Classic Graphite 100? Spin, Power, stiffness etc. Would love your input since I’m gaming the Prince, but looking for something else…

samer hanna says:

Hello TW,

I ordered 2 DR 98 Blue Grip 3, but the strange thing is at the end of the buttcap where the size is found, i see “2” but on the plastic over the Grip and on the racket itself it says 4 3/8, i slightly removed the one on the racket and underneath it i found 4 1/4, could you please help me out understand is it 3 or 2?

Sean Lee says:

Is there any difference between this version and the new blue one?

Tommy Torence says:

How does this compare to the duel g 330?

marcooosRHCP says:

Hi TW!
I use a grip 4 3/8 in my Babolat Pure Strike Team. I’ve heard that Yonex grips run bigger, should i buy a grip 4 1/4 in the DR 98? Cheers!

Κυριάκος Πεΐδης says:

New Ezone series on August??? Lime green colour?

SkyreeXScalabar says:

Third watch made me realize that doctor joke

Cheech Chong says:

someone help me!! this racket or the vcore dual g? i cant decide

Olivier M. says:

Hi TW,
I just bought a Yonex Ezone 98, not the + as I do not want the extra length,
I really really love this racquet, it made me a better player for sure and that it is thanks to your review and I wanted to try it out and I find out that it is the best racquet that I have owned, thank you for making me switch.
My question is: I have Luxilon 4G at 48lbs and still have tennis elbow, why is that?
Do I need to lower the tension or I need to change the strings. Thanks.

Bosonic on says:

Andy, DR 98(285g) vs DR 100(285g) which would be more appropriate for developing junior currently at 4.5 rating scale?

Dhiego Lima says:

Whats up Andy!

I’m Playing with the Dr98 with Alu power @52Lbs (in a digital Stringing machine) i have lots of control but the top spin is far from good. should i drop to 48lbs?

Sebastian De Gottardi says:

hello!, what’s the difference between yonex rds001MP an yonex rdis 100 MP with the yonex Ezone DR98? i have the first two racquets and i want to know if the ezone have more power (little or a lot), control etc…thanks. I can’t demo a racquet, i will buy in a trip to USA…thanks again

miltos ducati says:

which is the best choise for a begginer(i play tennis 5 months)ezone dr 100 or 98?
what are the difrences between these two?
thanks tw

Fernando Andrade says:

Will there be a new version of this in 2018??

Reid Pohland says:

I’m a high school tennis player who primarily plays doubles for the varsity team. I currently play with a Babolat Drive Lite, but am looking to upgrade to a heavier racquet with good control and access to spin. What would you recommend?

TheNotoriousSAM17 says:

I’m looking for a new racket. I’ve been playing with babolat aero pro drive (2007-2009 model) for almost 10 years now. I like the feel of the racket and its ability to generate power on defensive shots, however I am looking for something with a little less power but with also a comfortable feel. I tried the Wilson Kblade 98 for a year but switched back to the aero pro because the blade had a pretty unforgiving feel on my arm.

I tend to hit with heavy spin, but on my backhand I like to flatten out a little more and rip it.

Do you think this would be a good racket to try? Also how significant is the difference between this and the previous AI 98? If you have other racket suggestions please let me know!


The Chairman says:

Hey Andy and team, Great video as always but disappointed that you didn’t mention what string and tension you were using in your DR98, as you normally do with your other reviews. Would you mind letting us know, if you remember (I know the review was from a while back). Many thanks.

Aleksandar Urosevic says:

I had wrist problems and now changed racquet to ezone dr 98.I don’t have a option to often change strings.What strings you recommend for wrist problems and longevity for ezone dr 98. Thanks

seth makechnie says:

Hey Andy,
What string and tension do you have in your dr 98? Also, have you tried the extended and what do you think?

Hieu Doan Trung says:

Hi Tennis Warehouse, i came across Yonex’s website and they showed two different weight numbers of this racquet, G and LG. What do those letters stand for?

Tr1kLogiic says:

How is this in comparison the the pure aero? which one do you guys prefer?

Xavier Zen-Ruffinen says:

Hi guys. Thank you soooo much for all the vids.
I tried a DR98 strung with Yonex Poly Tour G @ 55lbs but was struggling with defensive backhands (way too short, often in the net) as I don’t have enough time for a full swing. Should I lower the tension? 51lbs? less?

L Tse says:

Hi Andy – how does this compare to the Duel G 97 310?

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