Yonex VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet Review

Yonex VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet Review

Endorsed by Shapovalov, with its compact head and surgical precision, this is an obvious choice for players who place a premium on control and feel.

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Yonex VCORE 95 Tennis Racquet Review


Darrin Baker says:

Which Nike shoes did Troy have on for this playtest?

Nano says:

Man I really wanna get this! I use a DR100 right now. But I wanna know what the difference between the SV95 and this new VCORE?

Roar Nicolaisen says:

Troy, How is power, spin potential, launch angle, sweetspot, control and stability in this one compared to the Wilson Ultra Tour?:-)

CamycaR700 says:

Hey guys, how does this compare to the prostaff 90 blx???

The Person says:

Looks nice, how would it compare to the textreme tour 95?

cholo doc says:

How would this compare to the yonex vcore 95d? I can see that the shape of the frame is more similar to the 95d than the sv95 (i have used the 95d and now the head pt280….but the 95d is my favorite)

Tennis Warehouse says:


Luke Christo says:

I did not like the SV95, smallish sweet spot and had this weird powerband. Some shots would absolutely laser, then others would not, it’s like the hoop flex timed with the throat and it would slingshot. But hit it 10% less and it would feel 40% less powerful, kind of like using an actual whip. I’ve played a ton of Yonex frames and stick to the orange Tour G 97 310g with some lead. It’s such a plush, consistent stick, I think that extra size really helps with adding just that little extra forgiveness, and since it’s quite low powered, a bit of pop. I have yet to find anything that feels as good. Would have like to have heard Chris’ opinions on this stick.

The Chairman says:

Great review guys with some very insightful analysis.
My one wish was that you would review this 95 with Yonex Poly Tour Strike as per Shapovalov’s setup. Sadly, not to be.

Dandal Gray says:

Sean is starting to look like Andy 2.0 which is pretty nice

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