Yonex VCORE SV 98 Racquet Review


Yonex updates the VCORE 98 with a slightly different mold and a host of spin-friendly technologies. Named the VCORE SV 98, this light and speedy player’s racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced ball strikers. New to this version is the SV Frame design, which combines a flexible carbon material in the upper hoop (Nanometric XT) with a more aerodynamic beam shape in the lower region of the racquet. Taken together, these features are designed to increase both dwell time and rotational torque (see easier spin). For the SV racquet line Yonex introduces its New Aero Fin system, which features air resistant grooves on the inner and outer part of the upper hoop to enable higher stroke speeds (see easier pace and spin). On groundstrokes this stick is weighted to move fast while still providing a decent level of stability. Factor in the Isometric head shape and the result is a roomier, more generous feel than is typically found with a conventional 98 square inch head. Players who like to attack the ball and force the action will have the needed control for driving the ball powerfully through the court. The relatively open 16×20 string pattern and speedy feel deliver easy access to spin/ The head light balance is also ideal for those who like to move forward and react quickly at net. Like the previous generation of VCORE Si racquets, the SV line delivers the same fast handling and crisp precision. Players looking for a speedy player’s racquet with great spin potential and controllable power should give the SV 98 a test drive.


Vortex Designs says:

Hi Andy, do you prefer Solinco hyper g or Yonex poly tour spin and how do they compare?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey TW how would you compare the sv 100 DR 100 duel g 100

VelloceCo says:

Hi, how would this compare to the Blade 16×19 cv?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey Tw is it a control oriented racket

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

hey how would the sv100 compare to sv 98

muzatenn says:

what is the difference between this and the vcore 98d
>>>more or less power than 98d ?

zeromus2009 says:

How does this racquet compare to the Wilson pro staff 97 (315g) ? Which of the 2 would you choose to play in a tournament ?

Fourat WADI says:

Dear Andy, How can you compare it to wilson ultra 100, in terms of power, maneuverability, comfort and control ? Thank you.

Mansoor Andr says:

Hello Michelle, you have pointed to the lack of feel in this raquet, how would you compare it to the Wilson PROSTAFF.

zeromus2009 says:

What are the primary differences between this racquet and its predecessor (Vcore Si 98 ) ?

Thanks in advance

Manjunath Sharma says:

Hi Andy@tw , I bought this racquet as per your recommendation (yonex dr 98 review), I found this to be an extremely maneuverable, plenty of topspin, power and control. Offcentered shots are not good. Feel while hitting ground strokes is just ok. stable one but not as stiff as my RF 97(315 gram). I did try sv 100 285 gm, found it to be too light for my liking.
Just wanted to say thanks for the advice.

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

HEY YW how will the sv line compare to duel g line

andrew storm says:

Hi TW, very interesting , us mortals don’t have the Luxury of playsight data but interesting to compare what the number say and how it feels to the player, all of the play testers were hitting some crazy spin numbers, significantly higher than their racquet of choice… so why would none of you switch to it? Did Andy? Very interesting… what you feel you did with the ball vs Playsight or the opponent feels you did with it… good work again

AesBinz says:

Are they going to offer 16×19 version of this racket? Or make DR 98 a red cosmetics? I Love red but I’m not familiar w/ 16×20 and can’t demo is not available on our area.

Juntae Park says:

Andy – were you not ultimately satisfied with the sv98 after tinkering it around to fit your specs? Curious to hear how/why you decided to stick with the dr98(+). Thanks in advance!

Sanjay Gupta says:

i want to switch from head graphene touch speed pro to prince textreme warrior 100 or yonex vcore sv 98, my head graphene pro doesnt have the right feel and relatively small sweetspot. please suggest right alternative racquet.

DarkPit07 says:

Wow the spin is ridiculous

bubu bebe says:

Hi, I demoed this racquet and I really love playing with it for the spin and maneuverability as you all mentioned, but I also felt the stiffness that was mentioned – how do you think this racquet would play with a natural gut/poly hybrid (with gut in the mains) to help in the comfort department, and how much do you think the natural gut could compensate for the stiffness and feel? Are there any other string setup you would recommend to help improve this area and maybe bridge the gap somewhat between this racquet and the DR/Duel G frames in terms of comfort/feel?

jerome abesamis says:

Hi tw. I’m thinking of shifting to this from my current blade 98 18×20 2015. I really like my blade and i can go on without replacing it, but at times i find myself craving for more power and spin. I think the specs of both racquets are close so im not worried about adjusting that much. My blade is just slightly customized to be more head light. Do you think this is a good fit or I can stay in the blade line and go to a 16×19 or 98s for more spin? Thanks in advance!

Piero De Bianchi says:

how can you compare this yonex sv 98 and the head graphene xt radical mpa?

Adriano Jese says:

Who is better this, the blade 16×19 cv, pure aero or sv 95

Adriano Jese says:

Dr98 , this or sv 95

zeromus2009 says:

How is this racquet compared to the Yonex DR 100 (300g) and Vcore Duel G 97 (310g) in terms of maneuverability ?

Which of the three would you consider as easier to use , for an intermediate player with two handed backhand ?

jack liang says:

Between the SV line and DR line, which did you guys find the most maneuverable? When you mention racquets being whippy, is that just another way of mentioning how maneuverable it is or is that something else?

Vortex Designs says:

Hi Andy, How does Yonex poly tour pro 16l compare to yonex poly tour fire 16l and which string will you gravitate to use in the yonex vcore sv 98.

Fede Carmona says:

Is this a good replacement for a Yonex Vcore 98d?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

How would the yonex vcore sv 98 lite compare to yonex ezone dr 98 lite

Kin Wa Chan says:

Dear TW,
How does Yonex SV98 comparing to Babolat Pure Drive and Pure Drive plus?

Finlay Wright says:

Hi TW, how does this racket compare to the Ezone 98 (305g)? Does it offer more or less power? Which is more stable? Thanks

qw says:

Hey Andy, I played with the Vcore Duel G 97 but didn’t get on with it – thought it was too light, lacked stability, lacked plow through and a bit tough on the arm! Is this SV98 any better in those aspects or pretty much the same thing?

DarkPit07 says:

Hello TW! Im a player of 14 years old preparing to be Pro, i was thinking on change from the Pro Staff 97ls to the Vcore SV 100 or Vcore SV98, but i cant decide, what racket would you recomend to me?

Vortex Designs says:

Hi TW, Is there any news about a 2018 update to the Yonex Vcore SV line of racquets?

Vortex Designs says:

hey tw, how does Wilson pro overgrip compare to yonex supergroup

franco marsili says:

How si this 98sv compare to dr98?

Allan Yang says:

is this the racket denis shapovalov used in montreal? that guy was on fire. Good to see more atp pros using yonex.

Xuqu Feeder says:

how does this compare to the pure strike 16×19 project one7 and which one do you prefer?

merej says:

any news on a replacement model for the sv line

Veronika Strickler says:

does it mean the larger the head size the more power it produces? I am trying to figure out if i want the 98 or the 100/105

Shane Clark says:

What aspect of this racket gives it more spin potential than the DR98? Isn’t the string pattern more dense on this racket? I thought that meant less spin potential. Anyway, good racket reviews

George Whitelaw says:

i play with the yonex vcore tour f 97 290, is this racket more comfortable thanks

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Hello TW Team! From these five racquets, which are the 2 racquets that play plusher, flexier, and more comfortable in the court? I try to keep in mind that besides flex rate, beam shape and material also contribute to the play.

VCore SV 98 310g (67ra),
VCore SV 98 290g (65ra),
VCore Tour F 97 310g (66ra),
VCore Tour F 97 290g(66ra),
Pro Staff 97 315g 2014 (66ra)?

Edward McIntyre says:

Vcore SV 98 or Vcore Duel G 97 310g for powerful ground strokes and lots of net play? Thanks

Hendry Sumaswanto says:

Hi andy, im currently using a dr 100. But i felt i cant really control the power, not stable enough at net and feel kind of disconnected with the ball. Would you recommend sv 98 or blade 98? Im more of a baseliner with an eastern grip, ohbh and hit with more spin. I play mostly doubles. Thanks.

S Tyson says:

is yonex going to have new color design for vcore sv 98?

Vortex Designs says:

how does the yonex vcore sv 100 compare to the sv 98.

pan peter says:

`hey andy, can u help me with the difference of sv98 and sv95? I’m currently using the vcore 97L, and I wanna switch into a heavier one. I would like to have more pop on my serve, thats the biggest concern. Thank you!

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